The future of nicotine enjoyment starts here.

Lucy was founded by former smokers who were dissatisfied with the traditional nicotine options available and agreed there had to be a better way. Our mission is to reduce tobacco-related harm to zero by creating superior nicotine products that can deliver a satisfying experience for adult tobacco users.

Made for people, not patients.

Our team used recent innovations in chemistry and flavor science to create a tobacco alternative that tastes and feels amazing. We aim to empower adult smokers with the tools to use nicotine on their own terms.

There for you when you need it.

When you’re first transitioning from smoking, your day is filled with moments when you would normally reach for a cigarette. We wanted to make Lucy as convenient as possible, so that you’re never in a situation where buying a pack of cigarettes is the easiest (or only) nicotine option available. Lucy is sent directly to you every month, for as long as you need it.


Started Lucy on 8/12/2019

We’re in this together.

Moving away from cigarettes can be an emotional rollercoaster. Talking to people who are on the same journey can make it feel less overwhelming. Meet the community of Lucy customers to learn, share, support, and join the conversation.

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